My Tobacco

Sometimes you come upon a blend of tobacco that surprises you. It may be a blend you tried at one point and didn’t care for, or one you just found, or you may have attempted blending for yourself just to test it out. The latter is my surprise tobacco. As I have mentioned, I enjoy Latakia blends.

I  purchased a tobacco I didn’t really care for. It happens occasionally. I dumped half to three quarters of tin it into a mason jar to see if it would get better overtime. I had a couple of my favorites at my desk at work, so I added a bit of Lane Leo and Peter Stokkebye Proper English to the tin. Then I let it sit for a week. It was considerably better when I tried it, but was missing something. At the time I was smoking some Esoterica Peacehaven given to me by a coworker, Sal, that really wasn’t doing it for me. I didn’t like the taste at all. Sal suggested adding some to my mix, so in it went. I shook it up and let it set for another couple of weeks.

Since the blend is made of primarily English tobaccos I decided to call it Isle of Mess, in tribute to the British Isles. We added Hearth & Home El Nino to our ‘tobacco kitchen’, which is what we call the cubby of shared tobaccos in the office, so I tossed a bit of that in the mix for some kick. It really added a depth of flavor that I wasn’t expecting, but was highly pleased about.

I’m done adding to my Isle of Mess, for now. It is perfect just the way it so, so there is no sense messing with my little perfection.

There is only one problem I have, or will have when I finish the 1.5 oz tin. I added the tobaccos like a longtime home cook does, little bit of this, little bit of that without measuring. Can I recreate this blend? Possibly, but not likely.

And the tobacco that started it all? Sutliff Private Stock Kasimir. Good luck to you in your own creations. If you don’t want to just toss random tobaccos together like I did, test out the My Own Blend portion of our website.  Until next time, happy smoking!

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