My Tobacco Loves Extend to Cigars

With all the amazing pipe tobaccos we sometimes forget the second part of the name of our business.  Before coming to, I had been working in the tobacco industry for a couple of years with another company, but totally white noiseodysseyfocused on cigars. Cigars: the other amazing method of receiving yummy tobacco goodness. While I have difficulty choosing a favorite tobacco, I do not have that same issue with cigars. There are cigars I enjoy when surrounded by non-smokers: Drew Estate Isla del Sol or Tabak Especial; cigars for when I want to smoke a pipe, but don’t have the time to spend getting set up: Spectre; and then there are cigars for me. Cigars for when I am smoking a cigar for the sheer enjoyment of smoking. At those times, I reach for one of my two favorite cigars, Ramon Bueso Odyssey or Obsidian White Noise. Both of these can be described the same for me, a smooth cigar with awesome hints of spice, and not at all what I was expecting initially. These are both the sophomore cigars from each of these makers, and a far cry from their older, darker wrapped brothers.

The White Noise is what I recommend to people who enjoy spice and body, but want something they can smoke back to back. The first time I smoked the Obsidian White Noise, I was ready to dismiss it as entirely too spicy after the first few draws, but I kept smoking. After the first inch and a half the White Noise mellows a bit and the spice begins to dissipate. It never leaves because of that gorgeous Habano wrapper, but it calmly fades into the background to allow you to notice the creaminess of this cigar. The Odyssey is just a bit tamer. It has a more of a throughout spice note, allowing your palate to get used to the spiciness. This is a complex cigar, never allowing you to become too complacent in your smoking. Ignore your preconceived notions regarding Connecticut wrapped cigars. Throw away your fears of spice. Mild cigar smokers who are ready to venture into something with a bit more kick will enjoy either of these.

You are probably wondering what size you should get. I personally prefer the Toro (6.0×50)for the Odyssey and the Robusto(5.5×54) for the White Noise, but if you prefer a larger ring gauge, go with it. The White Noise are also in Half (3.5×46) and Mini Corona(4.5×44) sizes for the unfortunate brother and sisters of the lovely leaf who are forced outside to smoke. Pick up a 5-pack today and happy smoking!

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