Glad to Be On Board

Good day all. What a wonderful ride this life is. Last year this time I would have never imagined I’d be involved and working with such a great pipes and tobacco team as this.

Life long pipe smoker and since 1999 my affection for it lead me to pipe making.

Throughout the day I mostly smoke Virginia/Perique blends and some of the bolder dark-fired Burley based blends.  Years ago a staple in my rotation was Dunhill’s Elizabethan Mixture.  I was sad when it went missing from production. Oh, there are plenty of other tobaccos in the Virginia/Perique genre to smoke but none that really fit Dunhill Elizabethan profile.   When I heard of its re-release I was excited – I had to try it. Now mind you, when I said I used to smoke it, it was a staple of mine for over 20 years so I  had  a  pretty  good  memory  of  its flavor.  As soon as it became available local I picked up a tin. That didn’t last very long and ever since I’m never without it. In my humble opinion Orlik hit the nail on the head. In fact when I tasted this incarnation I had a déjà vu  of  opening  one  of my last 200 gram tins of this leaf back in the 80’s . Now as then it’s back as my mainstay and I’m never without it – tried and true consistent burn and flavor.  That’s it for today.   I want to thank Russ, Kevin, and Eric along with the whole Pipes and Cigars family for their warm welcome and trust.

Should you want to contact me for any questions my email here is: