Cigar Review – Man O’ War Immortal

cs-mwlI love the fact that I get to try all the new cigars when they come in. Now, granted, I don’t always enjoy each one, but I need to try them if I’m going to write copy for the website, so I savor the ones that are in my wheelhouse, and the ones that aren’t my cup of tea I’m smoking just for analysis. My preferences are full-bodied sticks, so it’s no wonder that some of my favorites are from Man O’ War. When the new Man O’ War Immortal showed up on my desk, I was eager to give it a try.

I was told that Immortal was more of a medium-bodied cigar, but that it had plenty of flavor. I looked at my sample and was impressed with how silky the wrapper looked. It’s a Nicaraguan Habano, golden-brown in color with minimal veins. Under the wrapper is a binder from the volcanic island of Ometepe, and the fillers all hail from Esteli and Condega, making Immortal a Nicaraguan puro. Mine was the War Horse, a nice, hefty perfecto. I toasted it and the aroma was so pleasant that I had great hopes for this cigar. I wasn’t disappointed. It had an even burn, and the initial flavor was rich, but, as I was told, definitely in the medium range. The first flavor I detected was a cedary note, which then was joined by sweet spice notes like nutmeg and allspice. As the cigar progressed, an earthiness appeared and became richer as time passed. The flavors were robust, even though the body never got much past medium-full. The construction was flawless, and as I smoked it, I got some notes that reminded me of some Cubans I’ve tried. I was actually more impressed by Immortal than I expected, and I expect a lot from Man O’ War and A.J. Fernandez. Immortal will definitely become a regular for me.

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