Hearth & Home Marquee Viprati is Here !!!!!!!


My favorite tobacco is finally available for sale! For the last few months I have smoked the new H&H Marquee Viprati almost constantly. I have raved to all that would listen that this is the best Virginia/Perique blend I have smoked and I think it is one of Russ’ finest blends. He let me have a sample of it a few months ago when it was in the development phase and it was love at first puff.  When he saw how much I enjoyed the blend he gave me a big bag of it. That bag is almost gone and I was lucky to get another bag when he returned from the Richmond show. He gave out samples at Richmond and was excited that everyone loved it. If you are a fan of sweet Virginias with a nice spice, Viprati is for you. I am going to buy a lot of tins for my cellar.

 Right before Viprati was released Russ and I discussed how excited we were to try the tinned version. We think the blend will be even better once it sits in a tin for a few weeks. This is very exciting and we both think this blend is going to age very, very well. Viprati is a great addition to the Marque line and stands tall with classics such as Black House, White Knight etc. Russ also has a few other projects in the works that are going to make history. I cannot say anything yet, but as soon as I try a few of the blends I may have to talk about it here.

I will keep you posted. In the mean time I hope you try Viprati and let me know what you think.