Russ’ December Blend

Picture this, I am working away at my desk and engrossed in a very problematic order. I was puffing away furiously and could feel my tongue slightly sizzle, but I was enjoying my pipe. I was engrossed and something startled me, it was Russ standing behind me  with a baggy of tobacco. He said smell it, but don’t take too big of a whiff. The smell was something I never smelled before. It smelled interesting and he told me the blend is Decembers monthly blend. I did not think much about it, because I only smoke aromatics here and there. A few hours later I was looking for something to smoke and decided to give the bag another smell, it smelled so good I grabbed a pipe and loaded it. This blend tastes as good as it smells; which is not always the case with aromatics. Russ has a way with aromatics.

The name of the blend is the perfect match for the smell of the tobacco. I am on my third bowl today and I am enjoying this aromatic because it burns cool (hint hint) with no bite. The tobacco has an extra aromatic component that is seldom used in any blends. This is the perfect blend to smoke during the winter months and those around you will love the smell. The sample bag may find its way to my desk.  

If you are not an aromatic smoker or you seldom dabble with aromatics, try this when it comes out. I guarantee you have never smoked anything similar.