My Icarus Pipe

pm-p164470I was fortunate enough to receive an Icarus pipe from Briar Works and I have to say I have enjoyed it almost every day since receiving it. I smoke it at least once a day and most of the time I smoke it twice, morning and afternoon. Going on four months of heavy smoking I have to report the pipe smokes like a champ. Lately I have been enjoying a few of Russ’ blends that lean towards Virginia and Virginia/Perique and this pipe adds an extra sweetness to Virginia blends. My goal with this pipe was to smoke it as much as I can and see what would happen. So far it has not soured and it has never gurgled on me. The few times I had to use a pipe cleaner I think it was my sloppy packing technique more than anything. I have smoked several flakes and coins in this pipe and they smoke as easily as a ribbon cut. The cake is a little out of control and should be reamed soon and the rim is heavily charred, but this pipe was made to be smoked and that is exactly what I do. I babied it the first few bowls.

Lately there has been quite a few posts about the Icarus and Neptune brands and all of the comments have been very positive. Todd and Pete did a wonderful job creating the brand and manufacturing pipes that are artisan quality without the artisan price. My pipe smokes as well as any other pipe in my collection. The pipe gets a two day rest over the weekend, but come Monday morning I am back to smoking it. I find the pipe is very comfortable to smoke as I work because the bit is thin and the pipe is very light, I am smoking it now as I type this. pm-p164672

I plan on  adding a few more Icarus pipes to my collection and I have my eye on a particular Neptune that has been calling my name. What I like about the Neptune pipes is that they are Danish inspired shapes, but have that extra something that makes them uniquely Briar Works. The shapes are about as far away from the classics as can be, but they almost have a modern classic feel. One day the shapes that Todd and Pete created may become the next generation of classic shapes. You never know.

My work pipes get a lot of use and need to stand up to heavy smoking and my Icarus pipe has answered the call.