It Is (Not) a Man’s World

While working in the retail tobacco industry, I’ve learned that a lot of people believe tobacco is a man’s world. A large majority of the customers calling in are male, and a number of the women are calling for their boyfriend or husband. These women usually are complaining about the tobacco their husband smokes or the cost of his pipe.  Then the phone rings and there is a woman on the other end who enjoys smoking a pipe just as much as my female coworkers and I do. And this customer is so excited to find a kindred spirit, a female pipe smoker, as are we. As much as I love to talk about tobacco with everyone, speaking with another woman who knows what I’m talking about is awesome.

The female pipe smoker is not unlike the male. We all enjoy different blends. I am a fan of tobacco period. English, Aromatic, it doesn’t matter. Latakia is my love, though I have a sweet tooth and enjoy the smoke of a nice light aromatic. I simply enjoy tobacco. One of my coworkers despises most aromatics for herself, English tobaccos are her specialty. Yet another is solely an aromatic smoker, though we are trying to bring her to the dark side. We also smoke cigars, and our tastes lean about the same with cigars. I personally prefer medium-bodied cigars. Occasionally I will smoke an infused cigar, but would rather smoke an aromatic pipe tobacco. The aromatic smoker enjoys mostly infused cigars.

This pipe game is ever changing, and boys…the girls are ready to play.

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