When Old Pipes Surprise You

I woke up early on Saturday morning and was looking around my box of pipes searching for something new to smoke. I have a good collection, but I find myself gravitating to only a few pipes. These are good smokers and I can count on them to deliver whenever I pack a bowl. I have others that are a little finicky and smoke good sometimes and then not so good other times. I am cautious with these pipes since I do not get many occasions to smoke my pipe on a quiet Saturday morning with my coffee. I finally decided on an old Meerschaum that has been in my collection for quite a few years. This is a classic 1930’s bent bulldog that is perfect for a Saturday morning. It hangs perfectly when clenched and has just enough bend that smoke stays out of your eyes if you are reading. This is a classic shape and is perfect in both form and function. At one time I smoked this pipe every morning before work for about four months, but after that I put it away and have not smoked it in a few years.

This Saturday morning I packed a bowl of Early Morning Pipe and had an hour of relaxation. The pipe smoked great and did not gurgle once, thankfully because I left my cleaners in the house. It was so good I packed a second bowl and just sat there and enjoyed it. I thought about my friend who so graciously gave me the pipe and how he said he enjoyed the pipe whenever he smoked it. He was nice enough to make a new stem for the pipe and he tried to clean the old case and fix the hinges, but I like that the case is falling apart and the hinges are broken. There is something about this pipe that I love, I wonder who owned it before me and did he/she enjoy it as much as I do? I also wonder what kind of tobaccos were smoked in it, where did this pipe travel and was it a favorite in the previous owner’s collection? I do not do this with all of my pipes but this meerschaum makes me think about the previous owners for some reason. I do not think I have ever had a bad smoke out of this meerschaum and it seems to make any tobacco taste just a little better. The Orientals in Early Morning pipe are highlighted in this pipe and Virginias have an added sweetness I do not get in my briar pipes.

When I was done I sadly put the pipe back in the case with the hope that I will have another relaxing Saturday morning in the next few weeks.