What is your opinion on Lakelands?

Every few months I go through a period of smoking Lakeland tobaccos. For those that do not know, Lakeland tobaccos have flavorings that can range from rose to geranium to Tonkin and are applied to top quality leaf. They have a particular taste to them that people either love or hate. I dip my toe in the pool often enough to enjoy them but not long enough to get tired of them. The first thing I do is make sure I have a few pipes with thick cakes, that way after my foray I can ream the pipe and the Lakeland ghosts are gone. I once smoked about ten bowls of 1792 in a pipe with a thick cake, reamed it after I was done and I never tasted the strong Tonkin flavor.

I enjoy Gawith and Hoggarth Best Brown #2 the most, I find it has a light topping and the underlying leaf is high quality and the flake burns without any issues. I also enjoy Brown Flake Scented and Glengarry Flake. After a few days of my Lakeland binge I felt like I was on roll and decided to try Ennerdale again. Thankfully I packed it in a small cob because I could only smoke half the bowl. I know this flake is an acquired taste, but I could not finish it. I am sure I will try it again because I want to develop a taste for this flake. Sometimes that is all it takes, smoke a tobacco that you do not particularly enjoy and if you smoke it enough you begin to understand the tobacco. I did that with Rattray’s Old Gowrie. At first it was a decent smoke, but the more I smoked it the more I enjoyed it. That seems to happen with Lakeland tobaccos, after I smoke a few bowls the flavorings tend to be less intense and I start to understand the tobacco and what it has to offer. I guess I start to acquire a taste for the tobaccos beneath the flavorings.

I do enjoy similar tobaccos like St Bruno and Condor, but I might save that for another post. Russ and I talk about those blends often and I promised him I would bring some in next week.

What is your opinion on Lakeland tobaccos? Are there any that you enjoy and would recommend?