The Joys of Estate Pipes

I am not ashamed to admit that a lot of my pipe collection consists of estate pipes. When I first started smoking a pipe in college I had no money and at that time I was buying and smoking a lot of cigars. The shop I went to was mainly a cigar store but they had a really nice display of pipes set up in the front of the store. As soon as you walked in your eye would be drawn to it because the pipes in the display had a way of glistening in that case. There was a guy that worked there that smoked a pipe all the time and I was always curious, so one day I bought a pipe and a tin of Early Morning Pipe. I waited a few days to try it, but when I finally did I knew I was going to be a pipe smoker. The flavor of the tobacco was so intense and unique I was hooked. But I had a problem, I loved cigars but now if I was going to become a pipe smoker I needed pipes. Like most pipe smokers I started with one, but I enjoyed it so much that my one pipe was getting smoked way too much. So I bought another pipe, now I had a two pipe rotation. Again they were being smoked too much and I needed a way to get more pipes. My first goal as a new pipe smoker was to have seven pipes, one pipe for each day of the week. At this stage my friend who worked at the cigar store listened to me complain about trying to add pipes to my collection and he mentioned estate pipes. I never heard of the word and when he said pre-smoked pipes I said I would never smoke a used pipe. He looked at me and laughed and went about his business for the day. About two hours later he called me to the front of the store and handed me a pipe bag. I opened the bag and it was the pipe he was smoking earlier in the morning. He had cleaned and sanitized it while I was enjoying my pipe in the lounge. He said he had enough pipes and he wanted me to have my first estate pipe. I could not believe he gave me a rusticated Caminetto Barrel/Poker with a removable bowl. I still have it today and I think of my friend every time I smoke the pipe. It is a wonderful smoker and it led me to discover the joys of estate pipes. For the next few years I enjoyed searching for estate pipes and it became a hobby for me. I have bought a few clunkers along the way, but almost all have turned out to be great smokers.

Let me know if you have any stories about estate pipes.