Could You Smoke Only One Blend?

If you could only smoke one pipe tobacco, what would it be? I do not think I can answer that question because I enjoy too many blends. I started smoking English blends and I stuck with them for years. There was a time when I thought I found the blend that I would smoke forever. It was a bulk blend that sat in the top corner of my local shop and one day I decided to try it. I smoked it and I bought whatever was left, maybe 12 ounces and smoked it until it was gone. I did not smoke anything else for about a month. I can still remember smoking it in my favorite Karl Erik at the time; it was so good I dedicated that pipe to this blend. Once it was finished, I went back to my local shop and had them order more. When the tobacco finally arrived I bought about eight ounces only to be disappointed with my first bowl. I thought maybe it was just too moist or it was a new batch and needed time to settle down. It never did, but I smoked what I had. About a year later I talked to the blender about the tobacco and he said it was tweaked slightly but still the same. I bought more and thought I would just age it because my original tobacco must have sat on the shelf for a few years because it was not a very popular bulk. So I aged it and every few years I open up the Mason jar and smoke a bowl and it is never the same as I remember. I still have that jar almost ten years later.

Then a few years later I discovered the joys of Virginia tobaccos. I always had trouble with tongue bite but I finally slowed down and learned how to enjoy Virginias. I smoked a wide range and never found that perfect Virginia blend, I thought I had it with Solani 633, and then a few McClelland flakes took my fancy. But I moved on to Escudo and then I started on Burley flakes. I was all over the map. One tobacco that gets close is aged 5100, but I still need a break after smoking it all the time.

Sometimes I wish I could find one blend and enjoy it all the time because it would save me money. I have way too many open tins sitting around and I seldom smoke an entire tin from start to finish. I have a very close friend who smokes super high grade pipes and the only tobacco he will smoke is Lane BLWB. He loves that tobacco and he told me he smoked all the classic blends from the 60’s and 70’s and he settled on BLWB in 1980. He is an all day smoker and never waivers from BLWB. I admit I was a little jealous and I started to smoke BLWB, but that did not last long so I moved on to 1Q then RLP-6 and a few others. My aromatic days were short lived, although I still enjoy an occasional aromatic.

Working with Russ will never allow me to only smoke one tobacco.