Have you ever sat by your mailbox and waited for a tobacco or cigar order? I know I have done this way too many times than I would like to admit. I have ordered cigars before and if I did not receive a tracking number, I would start checking the mailbox after about two days. Then I would check it every day until I received the shipment, I used to drive my mailman crazy. There is something about the anticipation of a new tobacco or cigar that is exciting.

Well, here at P&C I am experiencing the same thing. We were notified a few weeks ago that we were going to receive samples of tobaccos that are no longer available in the US. I cannot reveal the names yet, but let’s just say Russ and I are very excited. There is a wide range of tobaccos on the way, everything from flakes to plugs to aromatics. Some blends were available years ago and are no longer imported, but that might change. If it does, this would be great for smokers who have only heard of some of these blends but never had the chance to smoke them.

We are also waiting on samples of other tobaccos from another company. These tobaccos could possibly become a new line and I cannot wait to try them. This would be a series unlike any other and I am so excited to try these blends, but I keep waiting for them to show up. Every time the mail comes I am disappointed when these tobaccos do not show up. I think I lack patience when waiting for mail from overseas.

So as I wait for these blends to show up, I will light a bowl of St Bruno Flake and look forward to their arrival.