What Do I Do?

After today, I’ll be on vacation until next Monday. This is the first time in a few years that I have taken this much time off in one block, except for the period following my surgery, and maybe that’s why I’m not looking forward to this quite as much as I should.

While I was recovering, I sat around feeling useless and was seriously wondering if I would ever come back to doing what I love. That could be the reason that I was so serious about my rehab and changing my lifestyle, because sitting around drove me crazy.

After a while, Scotty sent me home some work that I could do on my laptop by setting up remote access for me, and that helped, but I’m not meant to input figures into a spreadsheet. It’s not that I’m incapable of that, I have to do it regularly, but to have that be my focus day in and day out…no thanks.

Once my rehab started in earnest, the time passed a lot more quickly. I figured that from the time I received my prosthesis, it would be months before I would be able to get around well enough to go back to a normal work schedule. From the time I checked in until they released me, it was eleven days, and I left without any assistance – no walker, no cane. I was back at work within a week. It’s incredible what boredom can drive you to.

Now I know that this is for relaxation and recreation, so it’s not the same thing, but the idle time makes me edgy. I’ll be spending it with friends and family, so I’m sure that I’ll be fine, but by Thursday I’ll bet I’ll be itching to get back.

About Russ

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