Sometimes Tastes Change

I think I have ruined my taste buds by smoking aged 5100 for almost two months now. It has been my morning smoke five days a week and a lot of times my second smoke. I have neglected my favorite super-secret Russ blend for a long time and finally smoked a bowl yesterday because I ran out of my 2010 jar of 5100 and decided to revisit my old standby. The difference was astounding. At first I was smoking 5100 in the morning, then Russ’ secret blend was my afternoon smoke and they were both fantastic. I enjoyed the contrast between the two tobaccos. The 5100 was really sweet, almost like a candy sweet and it got sweeter with every bowl I smoked. Russ’ blend is a Virginia Perique blend and I loved the spicy element, but it was never too spicy. I think I got used to the sweetness of 5100 and my tastes changed dramatically towards the sweeter side of the spectrum. I packed a bowl yesterday and the spice hit my tongue from the first puff and almost made my eyes water. I enjoyed it but the spice was almost overwhelming.

Since I ran out of my 5100 I am going to smoke Russ’ blend and other Virginia Perique blends and see how long it takes for my taste to go back to enjoying the spice of Perique. I guess the moral of this story is not to get stuck on one blend for too long, if so, you might come back to an old favorite and it might not taste the same.

Has your taste ever changed like this? If so, leave a comment and let me know.