Sometimes a cigar is the perfect smoke

I have been working on a post about the joys of cigar smoking with my father in law and I spent last week on and off editing and rewriting my little ode to the cigar. It was coming along nicely until I went to put the finishing touches on it this morning and realized I saved the post about my old GBD in two spots. One in the correct folder and one in the folder labeled for my cigar post. My cigar post is gone and now I will try to start over.

A few weeks ago, after a rather long family get together my father in law and I decided to have a cigar. Once the cleanup was done we were able to sit back and relax. No yelling kids and no grumpy sister in laws, just him and I and peace and quiet. Cigars are great for just such an occasion. It would be impossible to explain to my father in law the joys and intricacies of pipe smoking. He looks at me strange when I try to explain to him what I do for a living. Like most people, he cannot understand that so many people smoke a pipe, let alone that I earn a living in the pipe business. But he does understand cigars and likes to talk about his love of Alec Bradley and Rocky Patel. He usually has a cigar or two with him wherever he goes. He does not care for my cigars of choice, but we can sit there for two hours and enjoy a cigar together. I am very grateful for this since I have a cigar smoking companion at every family function.  We sat there and talked about everything from sports to the weather to life in general.  For two hours we enjoyed our cigars and relaxed. We were left alone and nobody was around to complain about the smoke.

After we were done I thought about trying to explain the joys of pipe smoking. How a pipe will last a lifetime, if taken care of properly and the huge variety of tobaccos available. But then I thought, sometimes a cigar is the perfect smoke. No need for packing, tamping and relighting. It is just cut, light and smoke. No fuss, kind of like my father in law.