My Morning

I just wanted to post a quick update on here to give everyone a little insight into a typical morning here at P&C. My day started off when the photography department asked me to come by and go through dozens of tobacco tins and rearrange them into some kind of cohesive order. I am not sure if people are aware, but every tin that is pictured on the site has to be opened and photographed with a sample of that particular tobacco. This leads to a lot of excess tins but we feel that our customers should know what the tobacco looks like that they are purchasing. So first thing this morning, I was going through tobaccos from every manufacturer. Any tins that they had no more use for I was able to box up and bring back to P&C. So after about an hour I walked back to P&C to show Russ and Eric the tobaccos that photography had no use for. We have a lot of smoking to do.

After that I received a message from the warehouse that they were sorting through the new Stanwell order. So I was forced to stop rummaging through our new tobacco samples and go downstairs because I wanted to look at some the new shapes and finishes that we just received. I spent the next 30 minutes knee deep in Stanwell pipes. This was beginning to be a tough day.

Then on my way back upstairs I ran into the new shipment of Hanseatic pipes and stopped to take a look. I think there were about 2000 pipes. But the ones I looked at were very nice. As I am about to leave someone had a question on the new Kaywoodie pipes we received. I went through a few boxes and I have to say, they looked great. On my way back up to P&C I decided to see how the estate pipes were selling and the pickers were busy picking estate pipes from the bins. The estate pipes from last night’s email are flying off the shelves.

I finally got back to the office around lunch and I was tired. I figured I would smoke a bowl of Christmas Cheer from 2013 to settle down. I decided to proof the holiday catalog while I enjoyed my pipe. It can be really rough proofing a catalog all about pipes and tobaccos. After that I got the bright idea I should write on Talking Tobacco and tell everyone about my morning. If I did not love pipes and tobaccos so much this would all feel like work. But when you get to spend your day surrounded by pipes, tobaccos and good people it doesn’t really feel like work. This is a fun job.