I Know Me Best

mobHave you ever experienced something and said I can do that better?  Have you ever ordered something at a restaurant based on the write up and said that sounds amazing but when you get it falls short?  I find that happens to me a lot and it translates across to my pipe tobaccos as well.  Maybe I am hard to please or I am one who wants to dive into everything head first and create things for myself.  At the end of the day what is wrong with that? “I know me best”.  I think that is why I was so excited for the opportunity to bring My Own Blend to the P&C Faithful.  After talking to many of you at shows and studying what you buy and reading your reviews it is clear to me that you know you best as well. If you haven’t tried My Own Blend you should give it a try.

My Own Blend has now been around for around 6 months and the blends & blend names have been very cool.  We have had everything from BamBam to Red Headed Step Child. I must say, users thus far have been creative.  I have also taken time to dive both feet in and make tons of blends.  It’s kind of intimidating when you have a master blender sitting behind you scratching his head at you saying “I wouldn’t do that”.  That being said, “I know me best”, so 90% of the time I enjoyed the blends.  The process of figuring out what you like and how to translate that into words and flavors is quite difficult.  It is easier for me all I have to do is turn around and ask Russ.  Over the years I have been educating myself of the tobacco types and flavors but it wasn’t until I actually played with the tobaccos myself that I really came to understand every component and every flavor. It is amazing how the types and flavors can affect your blend in so many ways by just adjusting an oz. here or an oz. there.  If you’re a real fan of pipe smoking and you really want to educate yourself, use My Own Blend and experiment, play, and have fun. Now is a great time to try it out since we have dropped the pricing down $.50/oz.. I know I have.