Glad to be back

Having a child is very traumatic for both mother and father. My wife was in terrible physical pain during labor and I was in terrible emotional pain. The things I witnessed and the sounds I heard were quite scary. I think she had it easier, but don’t tell her I said that. After a very long process our little baby arrived and we were overjoyed and exhausted. Once everything settled down I had to go from the hospital back home at 6am and take care of our dog.  I was exhausted but I decided to have a nice cigar with my morning coffee to celebrate. I usually do not have the time to enjoy a cigar in the morning but I enjoyed a nice relaxing hour of joy over having a new baby. Since it was now 7am a few of my neighbors gave me weird looks as they were going to work, one even turned her nose and did the over exaggerated cough. I didn’t let this  bother me because I was a new dad, so I just waived and said good morning. I came home again that night and decided to have a nice bowl of aged Full Virginia Flake. I must have packed it just right as this was the best bowl of FVF that I have ever had, I usually struggle with it but this time it was perfect. The next morning I followed that up with a bowl of Early Morning Pipe, another favorite that smokes perfect every time. That night I enjoyed a very aged bowl of Anniversary Kake that I bought in Chicago years ago when P&C first offered tins. Anniversary Kake  is always a perfect smoke for me whether it is aged or not.

The next day we had a new parent class at the hospital and we were told, among other very helpful things, about the evils of smoking around the baby and how the smoke molecules attach to your clothing and the baby can breathe that in and it is just as bad a smoking in front of the baby etc. I would like to think I was smart enough not to smoke around my newborn baby, but the hospital made sure to drive that point home. By the time the thirty minute class was over my wife looked at me and reminded of all the finer points of the class with the emphasis on the smoking part. I figured after this I better smoke as much as I can before the baby gets home, so I either had a cigar or a pipe whenever I had a chance before the baby finally arrived home. It was relaxing and stress free every time I lit up. I do not think my neighbors were very happy, but they do not know the joys of pipes and cigars. I wish Russ was my neighbor.

Right now I am smoking my old GBD and I am so glad to be back at work where I can smoke all I want.