Secret Blend

I am not sure if I should really post this today, but I have to let you know about a new tobacco that Russ is working on. It is a very top secret project so I cannot give a lot of details. Let’s just say Russ has hit another homerun.  The blend was made for a very famous pipe maker and his favorite tobacco is a spun cut classic. Well, Russ did a ready rubbed version that is better than the original. He gave me a bag of it about two months ago and I have smoked at least one bowl and sometimes more than one bowl a day. It has a depth of flavor that shines in every pipe I have. This is the blend I dedicated my stubborn, terrible smoking pipe that I wrote about in my entry Pipe Transformations.  I am going to stockpile this blend when it comes out. I think Russ is a little surprised how I push this blend on everyone here. When Eric is looking for something to smoke I hand him my bag. He usually rolls his eyes and packs a bowl just to shut me up.  There have been a few versions, but each new version is better than the last. We were just in a design meeting and the packaging alone is amazing.

I have very high hopes that when this tobacco comes out it will be a huge success. It is easily one of the best tobaccos I have smoked. This is going to be an exciting addition to the Marquee Series and one that will stand tall alongside Magnum Opus, Black House and Virginia Night. I may have said too much already.

There are a lot of other projects Russ is working on that I may be able to write about soon. He was able to get a batch of very rare leaf that he has been playing with for a few new blends. That guy never stops.