My old GBD

I once had a mental misstep and I sold a few of my pipes. Not sure why, since I did not need the money at the time, but I did it anyway. There are a few pipes that I miss but there was a particular GBD bent that I really missed. After I sold them I did not check the website that bought them because I knew I would be upset I sold them. Fast forward about two years and I went back to that site and my GBD was still available. I am not sure why, it is a beautiful GBD Virgin in pristine condition. Maybe he was asking too much, but regardless, it was still there. After a few weeks of contemplation I decided to buy it back. I needed the pipe back for some reason. I sent him an email and it arrived a few days later. After I got it back  I never smoked it and put it away in my box of pipes, looking at it from time to time.

This morning I decided to go scrounging through my pipe box in search of an extra pack of pipe cleaners (we ran out again at the office) and this GBD caught my eye so I decided to bring to it work with me. I packed a bowl of 5100 and sat back and enjoyed the first few puffs with my old friend. The pipe smoked better than ever and brought back memories of smoking it in my old apartment years ago. The 5100 tasted extra sweet in this pipe and I smoked it down to the bottom without one relight. This morning was the perfect time to smoke this pipe. I may have lost money on the pipe but I got back an old, reliable pipe. I love older GBD pipes and they are still relatively cheap on the estate market for standard shapes. The vulcanite bits are usually thin and very comfortable and the briar was first rate, sometimes not the prettiest grain but always great quality with dry smoking characteristics.

I have added this pipe to my work rotation, but I am going to be careful with this one. If I start to become careless with this pipe I will take it back home and set it back in my pipe box.