In Search of ….. Pipe Cleaners

I always seem to be searching for pipe cleaners. Not sure why, but I have become the office scrounge; I think everyone hides their cleaners when I come around. I used to be obsessed with using bristled cleaners, in fact I went years, maybe five to six years and only used bristled. For some reason I thought regular cleaners did not do a good enough job. Looking back I was a pipe cleaner snob, until the day I ran out of my bristle cleaners and Eric was kind enough to throw me a pack of regulars. I must have had a confused look on my face while I sat there with a dirty pipe not knowing what to do. Well I used them and I went through the pack in about a week. Then as I sat there, again looking confused with a dirty pipe, Eric dug around his bag and tossed a pack of churchwarden cleaners to me. For the last two weeks I have been happily using them. I feel like I am wasting the entire middle part of the cleaner, but hey Eric gave them to me.  I keep telling myself I am going to submit an employee order and just buy a box and that should last me until Eric gets more free cleaners to give me.


I guess all pipe cleaners do a good job. I think the regular are better for absorbing the moisture that accumulates in a pipe, but the bristled really do a good job scrubbing the tar out of the air way. So I guess I am torn on which I like better. I usually take good care of my pipes but my work pipes get smoked a lot; rims get scorched, cakes get too thick etc.  The pipes in my home rotation are babied and taken care of, my work pipes are smoked and smoked hard. I have plenty of pipe cleaners at home and have none at work.  Next I see Russ tossing me the multicolored cleaners that really don’t clean or absorb anything, out of fear I may ask him for a few of his cleaners. These days my pipe cleaner snobbery is in the past and I am happy to have any pipe cleaner to use. I am not that picky anymore.