Try this with your flakes

I am a big fan of flake tobaccos and enjoy the long, cool smoke they provide. The only problem is I over pack the pipe, leading to a troublesome smoke. The bowl will not stay lit and I often get tongue bite from lighting it so much. I stayed away from flakes for a long time after a few really bad cases of tongue bite.  When I came back to flakes I went back to an old favorite, Solani 633. This is one of my favorite tobaccos and I really enjoy the generous amount of spicy perique mixed with the hay like Virginias.  This blend always burned great with no tongue bite, but again, sometimes I would over pack the flake.

So today I was scrounging around the office for something different and came across a tin of the new Savinelli Brunello flake.  I took a little of the flake and made a little ball with it and dropped it in my pipe, just enough to raise the rest of the flakes off the bottom of the bowl. This is my way of making sure the flake does not get over packed on the bottom. This leads to the unpleasant smokes I referenced earlier. This also allows the tobacco to breath on the bottom and the mixture of smoke and air brings the flavors out. I then pack the rest of the tobacco lightly with the fold and stuff method, being sure not to over pack the pipe.  The Brunello flake is burning great and the flavor of the Virginias and Burley are excellent. I also taste a little honey sweetness and the tobacco is smoking cool. This is a fine flake and a great addition to the Savinelli line of tobaccos.

I have used this method for a long time now and I rarely pack a bad bowl.  If you have problems with flake tobacco, try it.