The new Dunhill Durbar

We just received a few samples of the new Dunhill Durbar. This was an exciting day because Durbar is one of my favorite tobaccos. I purchased a bunch of tins when I first started smoking a pipe and I am glad I did. I open a tin every once in a while and enjoy it until the tin is finished. When I am in the mood for Latakia I usually rotate between Durbar and Early Morning Pipe.


So you can imagine how happy I was when Eric laid the little sample bag on my desk. Well, I had to run home this afternoon and decided to bring some Murray’s Durbar back to the office that was cellared in a Mason jar. We decided to smoke the old version first. Everybody was impressed with it and Russ commented on a citrus note around the middle of the bowl. I get a creamy richness from the Orientals and Eric just puffed away with a big smile and never said anything, I assume he liked it.


The new version has the same character as the old. The smell from the sample is very similar to the aged version and the pungency of the Latakia and the spiciness from the Orientals are there as well. I think Orlik got this blend perfect and I must admit, I think they did a great job on all of the blends. I do not taste much difference between Murray’s and current production. The tobacco needs to breathe and dry before it is ready to smoke.  When I open a tin I just break the seal and then close it back up and put it away for a few weeks. After it dries out it tastes fantastic. I have a lot of old Dunhill tobaccos and if I did not I would be ok with that. The new versions are close enough for me.


When Durbar and Aperitif come back, try some. Even if they do not live up to the old blends, the new blends are pretty good in my book.