Spectre Cigar Review

As a kid I was very much into superheroes mainly because I always thought I was a superhero. I used to run around with my face painted up, or wearing a cape. One of my favorite superheroes was a character from DC Comics. He went by the name Spectre. I’ve always viewed Spectre as unbeatable. Which leads us into the topic for today…

Already being a fan of the superhero Spectre when I found out there was a cigar Spectre coming out it was something I knew I wanted to try. If you’re strictly a cigar smoker it’s very likely you’ve never smoked a cigar like this before, but if you’re a pipe guy these flavors are probably right up your alley. It starts off with a very dark and oily Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper which is absolutely beautiful. The band on the cigar compliments the wrapper perfectly. It shows the silhouette of a tobacco leaf, with bright light coming up behind it, almost reminds you of dawn and that’s perfect because I feel this is the dawn of a new style of cigars.

Off first light your palate will be met with leather, cocoa, and earth that you would typically expect from a Maduro wrapper, but there is something else to this cigar; a very powerful smoky flavor. Pretty much everything you would expect from a traditional English pipe tobacco blend. The filler tobacco is a combination of Nicaraguan tobaccos and Latakia. The Latakia flavors are very prominent off of first light in both aroma, and taste. Some people feel the flavor profile of Latakia is overbearing, but with this cigar it’s not I attribute that to the wrapper adding in a few other flavors.

One thing I must recommend for the Spectre cigars is not to buy just one. Because when you add a bit of age to this cigar the tobaccos are given a little bit more time to marry together which causes a completely different flavor profile. The Latakia will still be present, but you will also pick up stronger notes of cocoa, and earth. This cigar is easily a 4 out of 5 star blend. Probably one of the more memorable cigars I’ve smoked in recent memory.

Spectre as a superhero was someone who changed the portfolio of comics. Spectre as a cigar will do the same thing.

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