A New Pipe Company is a coming……..

I just had to post this today. The anticipation is killing me and driving everyone around me nuts.  I want to give you more details but I can only say that there is a new pipe company that is making pipes in the USA. Let me say that again, a NEW pipe company with pipes MADE IN THE USA. These pipes are not made by one artisan, but designed by artisans and serially produced. I know it sounds crazy, but these pipes are coming soon to P&C. This company will revolutionize the way pipes are perceived. No longer are pipes made in the same standard shapes with different finishes, no longer uncomfortable clunky, thick mouthpieces. Once these pipes are available you will never look at pipes in this price range the same way again.

 Russ was able to get a sample pipe and every time he smokes it he has a big smile. I received a pipe when the owners (artisans? hint hint) came by P&C for a few days. I have smoked two to three bowls every day for a month because I wanted to really work this pipe and see how long it would take to sour. It never did. From the first bowl this pipe has smoked like a dream and I have never had to use a pipe cleaner while smoking; this pipe has never gurgled.  The engineering alone is as good as a high grade artisan pipe, but for a fraction of the price.  All of the bent pipes will pass a pipe cleaner with no issues.  The fit and finish of each pipe is top notch. I really could go on and on.

I am so excited about these pipes. My goal will be a seven day set when they are released.