Virginia Night

vnVirginia Night, oh Virginia Night. This is one of my favorite tobaccos at the moment and it will give you a good idea of how spectacular Virginia blends can be. There is a depth of sweetness that I have never experienced in any other blend, and I have smoked a lot of Virginias. Virginia Night is the masterpiece Virginia blend of the Hearth & Home Marquee series. I usually have at least one bowl a day in my rotation and a day does not go by that I do not have the urge for a second bowl. If you have been afraid to try a Virginia, this is the one that will win you over. I have passed this around the office and even the diehard English smokers have said this is a blend they would smoke. That says something about the easy smoking characteristics of Virginia Night. This is a connoisseur’s blend that does not have to be aged for years to enjoy.

The blend has a sweet stewed fruit smell from the tin, and the ribbon cut makes it very easy to pack. It burns at a moderate rate and I find that even if I puff heavily I have never had tongue bite. I have smoked this blend in many pipes and it has been fantastic in every pipe, which does not happen often with other blends. The depth and richness of the Virginias is the star of this blend. I also get a slight cinnamon taste along with the fruity zing that is the mark of a good matured Virginia and I am always impressed with this blend every time I smoke it. By the time the bowl is over I am left completely satisfied.

I think the tin description sums this blend up best, “Virginia Night is the dark side of bright leaf.” This is a must try.