Vertigo Hitman Lighter

VertigoHitmanGreenmed                             Vertigo_lite

I am a big fan of the NEW Vertigo Hitman Lighter.  This lighter is very unique with a telescoping head that makes lighting your pipe so much easier.  This action puts the flame right where you want it, close to your bowl but away from your fingers. The lighter has a longer body type and rounded corners which feels great in your hand.  The adjustment wheel at the bottom is easy to spin so you can get as much flame as you want or need.   The tank is refillable and is a good size.  You have four colors to choose red, gray, green, and orange.  At the price of $14.95 this is one lighter you will be happy you got.  My problem is that everyone who sees me out and about smoking my pipe wants to see the lighter.  After a couple minutes of conversation, I usually end up giving the lighter away.  Do me a favor and pick up one for yourself so I can keep mine.