Decatur Pipe Stands

decatur rackDecatur has been an interesting name in the pipe industry for quite some time, offering some of the most interesting pieces at some pretty amazing prices. They were off the market for quite some time, but now they’re back and in full force.

Using different types of hard woods from South America the new and improved Decatur pipe stands are a piece of artwork. Beautiful graining patterns and a wonderful mix of color are sure to make them stand out in any part of your home. Coming in all shapes and sizes you they fit the need for just about everyone’s collection. From single pipe rests, to 9 pipe stands, and even a 9 pipe rotating stand where you can store your tobacco.

I keep a two pipe rest at home in my living room for when I get the itch after dinner. But on my desk I like to keep the rotating stand with pipe jar. It looks nice it gives me easy access to whichever pipe I’m in the mood for that day, and it allows me to store a bit of tobacco. Not to mention the conversation it starts. Everyone wants to get their hands on one. I can’t blame them.