Pipe Tobacco Review – Hearth & Home Signature Daybreak

I have the pleasure to sit next to Russ every day and talk tobacco with him, whether he is blending something new or reminiscing about blends of the past; I enjoy our daily chats about tobacco.


I was smoking a certain custom blend that was made for Eric all last week and I went to grab yet another bowl and Eric stopped me and took me for a walk to our photography studio. This area is a pipe smokers dream. Every tin at Pipes and Cigars is painstakingly photographed for your viewing pleasure. Our talented team has to open each tin and photograph the tin and the tobacco. These tins are then placed on a shelf in the studio. We grabbed a handful of Hearth and Home blends and I decided I am going to review them. Some are lesser known blends some are more popular.

Today I am starting with Daybreak, Russ’ homage to Early Morning pipe. I am a big fan of EMP and went through a phase of smoking nothing but EMP. I think the new version of EMP holds its own with the older versions. What I do with EMP is I crack the seal and let it sit for a few weeks and then I load it into a mason jar abd after a few days it is ready to smoke.


Enough of that, let’s get to the review. The tobacco is a beautiful mix of ribbon cut blonde, brown and black tobaccos. Due to the cut I pack Daybreak a little tighter than usual. Tin aroma is a light smoky campfire with a hint of latakia, not too strong but it is there. The tobacco packs easily due to the cut. I have smoked it in various pipes and it smoked great every time. The tobacco lights quickly and gets into stride right away. If you like the first few puffs you will love this tobacco. I can taste the latakia and the subtle Virginias with a hint of the orientals in the background. The orientals develop as the bowl burns. Halfway through the bowl the Virginia’s appear and give the blend a nice sweetness. It does not last long as they fade into the background and the orientals come back to the front. I think that is the magic of this tobacco. It starts off as a good light English blend, but as you smoke the pipe the tobacco develops and the flavors deepen. By the time you are done with the bowl you have a completely different tobacco than what you started with. I would consider Daybreak a medium strength blend.


This blend stands on its own with other blends meant to get the smoker ready for the day.