Cigar Review: Liga Privada #9 Toro

Liga Privada #9 ToroI think the subtitle of this article should be “you’ve never had that before!?” because that is the reaction I have gotten from everyone when they saw what I had in my hand and found out I have not tried it yet.

The cigar looks great.  The cap is perfect and the wrapper has a dark smooth shine to it.  Not a glossy shine, more like a matte finish, but you can see the oil on the leaf.  There is a mild amount of veins but nothing that requires comment.  The feel is firm, but not hard.  The foot has a chocolate and hay aroma to it.  The cold draw is smooth and easy.  It has creamy notes of raisin and spice.

Liga Privada #9 ToroMy lighter is too low on gas to get a flame so I am going old school with a pack of matches that were conveniently located at the table I am sitting.  At the light there is a decent dose of spice and a ton of smoke.  The first third has a very rich coffee and spice tone to it with a ridiculous amount of smoke. Despite the use of matches and a slightly uneven light, the burn on this cigar is sharp.  For something this firm and smooth, I thought the ash would hold on a little longer than it did.  I got a little less than an inch in before the ash fell on its own.  Not a deal breaker, just an observation.  There is more spice to this cigar at this point than I was prepared for.  The body is already big and the cigar is effortless to smoke, this will catch up to me in the later rounds I feel.   I am picking up notes of rich coffee and espresso and am having a difficult time smoking this slowly.  It is so smooth and tasty that I want to have more and more. For a few puffs I thought I detected a citrus quality, but perhaps I am imagining things. Although there is a great deal of smoke, it is not that lingering smoke.  It is floating right away.

The second third is smoother than the first third in my opinion. The spice has toned down nicely and the flavors are more bold then the first third.  There is a note of raisin added in as well.  The ash is still light and flakey, falling off easier than I had hoped it would. The burn continues to be magnificent.

When I reached the final third I was surprised again.  Typically as you near the end, a cigar gets harsh.  This managed to smooth out even more.  The flavors on the other hand continued to increase in their boldness, as well as the body growing even more.  This cigar seems to have no limits, and I am becoming a fan.  It makes sense to me why there is such a cult following and new believers lining up every day to try this cigar.

In the long run, this cigar was great.  I don’t care much for a spicy cigar and I was worried when I first lit it, but after the first third, it tapered off for me. A Liga Privada #9 Toronote on the body however, I tried this cigar in the AM before I had any lunch.  It kicked my ass.  I am no stranger to a strong cigar, but I did not think this was going to be as potent as it was.  I would recommend this as a late night after dinner cigar that would be amazing with a nice strong coffee or a sweet other drink.   Now if I am lucky, a T-52 will appear in my hands for a comparison review. *cough cough* (DE Rep) 😉

What have been your thoughts on either the #9 or the T-52?