Pipes & Cigars As Father’s Day Gifts

Our very own father/daughter smoking tandem – Russ & Kaira O.

With the calendar flipped over the June, the next holiday up on the schedule is Father’s Day, a day set aside for all of us to show some appreciation for the men who brought us into the world. Of course everyone wants to get something special for pops to show him that we care, and it seems like ties, golf clubs, and electronics often top the list of no-brainer Father’s Day gifts. I know people often shop for cigars or pipes for their Dad as well, but today I want to get up on the soapbox afforded to me by TalkingTobacco.com to let you all know why fine tobacco products make the absolutely perfect Father’s Day gift, and at the risk of getting into too much of a sales pitch I’ll offer up a few suggestions in the hopes of helping you score the perfect gift for your Dad this year.

To me, a fine cigar is the best possible Father’s Day gift in the world, even if Dad isn’t the aficionado that you are. I may be biased, but to me the logic is irrefutable. First of all, I always try to get Dad something he wouldn’t normally purchase for himself. Cigars or pipes/tobacco fall right into that category, whether Dad doesn’t smoke daily but enjoys a smoke occasionally, or if he’s a regular smoker you can get him something a little more luxurious than he normally smokes.

More importantly however is the opportunity for bonding together and creating a memory that is easily afforded by the gift of smoking. If you get Dad a box of cigars this year, when he opens it up, the first logical thing to do is to sit down together and fire one up. Now, instead of a “thanks for the iPad, son”, you get to spend an hour or two together, relaxing outdoors in the nice weather and just enjoying each other’s company. Trust me, that is all Dad really wants for Father’s Day, some quality time with his son or daughter. That’s the best thing you could get for him, and giving the gift of a fine smoking experience makes that gift both easy and extra enjoyable.

One good gift idea – the Perfect Pock Pipe Pack

Many people, whether or not they’re regular smokers, have a hard time narrowing it down to the perfect choice for a Father’s Day gift. Before I make a few suggestions I will say that when it really comes down to it I don’t think it matters a whole heck of a lot. Obviously you want to get Dad something he’ll enjoy, so if he has a strong preference for either pipes or cigars you should stick with that. I’d suggest staying away from an “old standby” or a particular favorite in the interest of getting him something new and maybe a little higher-end than he might normally buy for himself. But whatever your budget and whatever you pick out, as long as it’s something you and pops can enjoy together and bond over then I think you got just the perfect thing.

One thing I will suggest is a combination pack that includes both something to smoke and an accessory that he can keep forever to remember the gift. Both on the cigar side and the pipe side we carry a whole bunch of combo/gift items like this, and I think they make outstanding gifts. You get the benefit I described above of being able to sit down and have a smoke together, and he will also get to keep an item to be used for years to come. I put together a landing page featuring a big-time selection of our best gift items so you can see them all in one place. If you’re stuck for an idea take a look around, I’m sure you’ll find something in our  massive selection. If that doesn’t help, just give us a call, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is always happy to help you select the perfect gift.

Enough preaching about our site, I want to close this by reiterating the point that the best thing you can do for your pops this Father’s Day is spend some quality time together. I know that in addition to you know, the fact that I was born to my Dad, I also owe all of my success in the world of business and making my career to the advice and guidance he gave me over the years. Thanks to all his help I could probably afford to get him some fancy gadget, but I know he’ll appreciate it a whole lot more if rather than sticking a gift in the mail if I take the time to drive a few hours so we can spend the day together.