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Welcome to Pint Friday. This is a weekly feature segment on TalkingTobacco, with the goal of combing cigar reviews with microbrew craft beer reviews, and since pairing is such a vital aspect of the cigar and craft beer enjoyment, we’re going to review how well they go together as well. We’re a laid back bunch of guys just trying to relax after the work week is over, and we figured we might as well share it with all of our readers.

Welcome to Pint Friday

Giving credit where credit is due, I did sort of lift this idea from Zak, our GM here at Habana Premium. He’s running his own blog called “Sunday Stogie“, and his idea was to share with the world what he refers to as his “cigar moment of Zen”. I love everything about the concept, with the exception of the fact that Zak’s Zen moment of smoking occurs at about 8am each Sunday morning, which for me personally is about the least appealing time to have a cigar I can think of. More power to Zak for getting up at the crack of dawn on the weekend to fire up a stogie, but don’t look for a guest-spot from me any time soon. However, I really enjoy Zak’s videos (much later at a more civilized hour) and his passion got me thinking about my own particular Zen moment with cigars. There’s no question about when it is for me. I work my tail off here at P&C, and when the work day and the work week is over the best thing I can think of to do is kick back and relax with a cold craft beer and a fine cigar. My Zen moment occurs about half an hour after quitting time on Friday afternoon, when I crack open that first frosty cold beverage and toast the foot on the first cigar of the weekend. For me, it’s a symbol of a job well done and a way to let the stresses of work and life melt away for a little while. I take pride in doing my job well and giving each day my all, and when the job is done I feel damn well entitled to my Pint Friday moment of Zen and I enjoy it to its fullest.

Not surprisingly, I was not alone in appreciating this moment of Zen so I recruited a couple like-minded P&C staffers to join me in sharing Pint Friday with you. Jason Rubino, our Senior Cigar Advisor was a natural fit based on his encyclopedic cigar knowledge and appreciation for a carefully brewed beer. Of course his top-notch writing skills are a nice bonus as well. Josh “Billy” Crystal, our Graphic Designer has taken to cigar smoking with a passion since he joined our team, and is quickly developing into a connoisseur himself. I’m not surprised, he started off earning part of his paycheck in store credit which essentially gave him a free pass to one of the most extensive collections of premium cigars around. Both Josh and Jason shared my vision for this moment of Zen, and from time to time we’ll probably be inviting some more folks who appreciate this concept to hang out and hoist a pint with us. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll even get Zak to join us and we’ll see if we can convince him our Pint Friday Zen moment has something to offer as well.

So check in with us each Friday as we’ll be sharing our thoughts and notes on each week’s pairing selection. You’ll get three opinions and candid reviews on the fine cigar, the craft beer, and perhaps most importantly the pairing combination and how the two interact with each other. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we don’t, but you’ll always get the truth from each of us and you can take it however you’d like from there. Depending on how stressful the week was or how strong the brew is you may also get a little slightly off-color commentary on cigars, beer, music (another shared passion of ours) or life in general. We’re going to mix a bunch of video clips and pictures in with our written commentary to give you some variety, so whether you like to watch or read we’ve got you covered. If you haven’t guessed already, the real purpose of this feature is that we just wanted an excuse to get paid while we drink beer and smoke cigars, and beyond telling you how much fun it is we’re not 100% sure where this is going. So join us in our Pint Friday moment of Zen, crack open a brew, fire up a smoke and join us, get pairing ideas or ideas for new stuff to try if you’re a beer and/or cigar aficionado. We hope you enjoying sharing a bit of your Friday with us. Tops off!

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