Lunch Break!

Seems like things have slowed down a little, either everyone is outside enjoying Cerberus and our other samples, or are partaking from the tasty buffet (which I did myself just a little while ago). I’m taking the opportunity to give you an update, people seem to be enjoying the P&C booth quite a bit, and as you’ll see in my pics below our table is just the way I like it – covered with tobacco spillings, a huge mess, and with the sample tins getting down to half-full or less.

Our free corn cobs seem to be the biggest surprise hit, I think Bobby G really hit the nail on the head when he guessed that people would enjoy the opportunity to sample our blend without having to smoke them in their regular pipes. Tote bags are also a bit hit, love seeing them covering the floor!


New York Pipe Club blends are a hit!

Empty & messy, just how I like it!

Busy floor