Cigar Review: Avo Classic Robusto

Avo Classic Robusto Cigar ReviewSince we are doing a small systems update, I figured now was a great time to head down to the lounge and enjoy a cigar. Man I love my job. Where else can you take a 40 minute smoke break and it’s ok because you are doing work? Here, that’s where. The cigar that won the honor of my company was the Avo Classic Robusto. Typically I choose a cigar I have never smoked before to write a review, but this one was already in the humidor on my desk, and I was just going to take a break so I decided to make it look like work. I will agree with Russ, regarding a conversation we had last week, that is difficult to be subjective when you are reviewing something that you have had many of and like (see his review on the Antaño 1970), but I figured I would give it a try.

The first noticeable thing is the construction on this cigar. It is tight smooth and even. The aroma has a sweet and mild quality about it. I like to give a pre light draw to have idea of what I am in for; this one is firm yet smooth and a little sweet. My initial reaction to lighting it up is that there is a sweetness as well as a tang to this cigar. As I get a little further in, I am getting a nice woodsie note and a smoky quality. The burn is tight too, like I drew it with a ruler.

I love coming down to the lounge to hang out with the incredible variety of people who frequent the shop. The conversation is a varied as the cigars being smoked. It is almost like an all you can eat buffet, if you don’t like what’s being offered at this table, move to the next one for a different choice. The draw on this beautiful handmade cigar is nice and easy and the smoke is pouring out freely. This cigar is nice and mild, but not too mild and has a note of cedar and leather. For one reason or another I chose to drink a sprite with this, but I must say that it is not detracting from the experience much, although I would most likely go with a tea with this one. Perhaps Earl Gray Cream would do.

As I near the halfway point the consistency is nothing but that, consistent. To my delight and surprise, the volume of smoke is also increasing. A note of coffee is starting to develop also toward the mid-point and the ash is holding on nicely.

Not that this is a deal breaker in any way, but I was happy to see that the band had come off quite cleanly. Some don’t and, as I am sure you know, it can be a pain in the (you know what) to get them off. I have even unfortunately ripped a wrapper trying to remove the band, no that’s frustrating.

The body of this cigar is remaining light contrary to the flavor gaining some boldness. That original sweetness is beginning to return from the beginning, and perhaps a note of vanilla (?). As I near the end the cigar is remaining remarkably cool, and there is not bite. This cigar has lived up to its heritage of coming from Davidoff, and the construction has remained perfect right down to the nub. I would give it an 8.5 on my personal scale.

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