Cigar Review: Joya De Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo

Joya De Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo cigar reviewDark, rich, bold, sweet? Sounds like an over romanticized version of the ideal man, but it was my initial reaction to the Joya De Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo. This cigar is so heavy you need 2 hands to lift it, but unlike some others, power is not its single attribute.

I took this dark beauty on a test drive to see if it would make the cut as worthy of being the ultimate after dinner stogie. Before I reveal my thoughts, let’s get into the particulars. The wrapper is gorgeous dark, thick and flawlessly smooth. The band is simple and elegant, allowing the cigar itself to do all of the talking.  The pre light draw on this cigar felt a little loose for one of this density, but then again I found it perfect, sometimes dense leads to tight and that is not the case at all with this one.

Joya de Nicaragua Cigars Antano 1970Unlike the original Antaño, which come out swinging with an intense spice and power, the Dark Corojo by Joya De Nicaragua has a quiet calm, and a mellow sweetness that might surprise you. That’s how it lures you in to a false sense that it will be an easy ride.  The flavor, deep dark and decadent, stays unbelievably consistent throughout. Some cigars take you on an up down and sideways ride of flavors that make you feel like you’re taking a drive through the Adirondacks in the fall, this is more like an open stretch of freshly paved interstate on a Harley. You look down and realize you are traveling at triple digit speeds.  Your pulse quickens as you realize what’s happening, but you are having too much fun to stop.

The Joya De Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo is the Darth Vader of cigars

Photo: Official Star Wars Blog

As you near the midpoint, somehow the body is building. The construction is staying true to form and the ash could be used as a cornerstone in a building. This cigar is kicking out an almost Darth Vader like darkness right now. Like it is somehow using the force to keep my attention. I cannot put it down, I just want more and more.  I know what you’re thinking “that’s an Antaño, right? Shouldn’t it have teeth that bite?” It does, and they are big and sharp, but this cigar is respectful of its strength and minds its manners around company.

Close to the end, the burn became slightly uneven, but nothing a light touch up can’t handle. I do tend to chew a little when I smoke, so the cap is a little worse for the wear.  Ultimately, this cigar was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had in a long time.  I would recommend it highly to anyone who wants smooth body and deep flavor.  I give it a solid 9.