Cigar Academy: How to Re-Light a Cigar

Cigar Academy: How to re-light a cigarHaving to relight a cigar after it goes out can be a make or break moment.  Typically if a cigar is left to go out, it is a great idea to pass on it and let it die with dignity. Sometimes you just can’t let it go however; it is just that damn good. When that is the case there is a proper way to do it to get the most out of your experience.

First you want to make sure it is fully extinguished then, I personally like to give a good exhale through the cigar to clear any settled smoke.  The next step is to carefully remove any loose ash from the foot.  There are 2 easy ways to do this.  One can easily be done with the end of a wooden match or a knife tip.  Take care not to scrape too much or to simply spread the ash around the foot.  If done well, it should be both a little gray, but have some black in there also.

What your cigar should look like after removing the ash.

If you’ve removed the ash from your cigar correctly, it should be both a little gray, but have some black in there also, as in the picture above.

Using a cutter to remove the ash from your cigar.

The other way to remove the ash from your cigar is to simply use a double guillotine cutter and lop off the burnt end of the cigar and essentially start fresh with a smooth foot, as shown here.

For the next part I like to use a torch lighter.  Think of this part like a new cigar, and toast the foot.  Keep the flame even and make sure not to get too close. Also remember to hold the flame at an angle to the cigar.  If you are using a torch lighter and go in at a full 180 degree angle, the pressure from the flame is enough to push the ash up into the cigar and make for a very rough first couple of puffs. Don’t puff yet however.

After a few seconds the cigar will begin to smoke again on its own.  If you did it right, you should be able to (without the lighter) begin to puff on the cigar and get smoke out.  If you add the lighter to the puffing you will notice a harsh taste and a lot of heat.

Do you ever re-light your cigars? If so, please share your methods in the comment area below… we love hearing from cigar enthusiasts!