Providing relief to the troops in the form of pipe tobacco

Pipe smoking provides much needed stress relief to US troops overseas.When the guys over at P&C found one of their customers in a recent issue of The Reader’s Digest talking about how smoking a pipe is more than just a hobby or a habit, it was ‘therapy’… well, they just couldn’t resist taking action to make sure that the therapeutic effects of smoking their pipes continued.

In an email sent to their customers, opened up an opportunity for everyone to participate in sending a “pipe tobacco care package” to Marine Chaplain Sholtes and his pipe club over in Kandahar. The response to this email was immediate, and impressive! Customers were adding pipe tobacco to their own purchases, and noting that it be added to the care package, along with their thanks.

In a post to the Facebook page yesterday, Chaplain Sholtes announced that they had received the care package, and posted the photos seen in this post.

Andrew Sholtes -
I got your package today! I was absolutely amazed by the generosity of your company and the by the donations of Dennis Laughlin, Debra Collins, Edward Harper, the Seattle Pipe Club, and the Union Cigar Society. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness, I will share the wealth with my fellow pipe club members! As our motto says: “WE WILL WATCH FOR YOUR SMOKE”
United States Nave Pipe Guild

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