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Glad to be back

Having a child is very traumatic for both mother and father. My wife was in terrible physical pain during labor and I was in terrible emotional pain. The things I witnessed and the sounds I heard were quite scary. I think she had it easier, but don’t tell her I said that. After a very […]


When I started working for a little over ten years ago, I was asked to put together a few tobacco blends to see if people would want to buy them. The result was the beginning of our Hearth & Home line, which has grown far bigger than I would have ever expected. Many of […]

icarus pipes

Part Rant, Part Announcement

It’s been widely reported that earlier this year CVS Pharmacy caved in to the pressure by anti-smoking zealots and announced that they would stop selling all tobacco products by October 2014. The actually were ahead of schedule, having beaten their self-imposed deadline by a few weeks. They mentioned that they believed that tobacco doesn’t fit […]

Putting Things in Perspective

Things are really busy here at Thanks to you, our customers, we’re having a record-setting year, but along with sending out all those packages, we have to reorder, prepare catalogs, make deals for specials…well, you get the idea. In addition to all that, we’ll be bringing out more than 50 new products that we’ve […]


Talking About – Burley

This is the first entry in a little series I’ll be writing abut the different strains of tobaccos commonly used in making pipe blends. Why am I starting with Burley? To start with, it’s used in just about every form of tobacco use – pipes, cigars, cigarettes, chew, snuff and snus. Moreover, from what I […]