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The new Dunhill Durbar

We just received a few samples of the new Dunhill Durbar. This was an exciting day because Durbar is one of my favorite tobaccos. I purchased a bunch of tins when I first started smoking a pipe and I am glad I did. I open a tin every once in a while and enjoy it until […]

The Perfect Pipe

If I were to describe the perfect pipe, it would be light as a feather, have a super-comfortable stem, would stay lit for 5 minutes without puffing on it, would always smoke cool and dry, would be visually stunning and would cost about $15. Of course, this animal doesn’t exist. And frankly, the perfect pipe […]

Aged 5100

McClelland’s 5100 is one of those five star, legendary blends. Whether you are using it to blend or smoking it straight, 5100 has a lot to offer.  I have smoked a lot of it throughout the years and  have been very fortunate to have smoked many different vintages, the oldest being a can from 1994. […]

About Vulcanite Stems

Very few things in life are perfect. Bacon is wonderful, but if you go just a little past the ideal level of crisp, you wind up with burnt bacon. Life is full of these “close, but not perfect” things. Some things that fall into this category are vulcanite (ebonite, hard rubber) stems. They offer a […]

Spectre Cigar Review

As a kid I was very much into superheroes mainly because I always thought I was a superhero. I used to run around with my face painted up, or wearing a cape. One of my favorite superheroes was a character from DC Comics. He went by the name Spectre. I’ve always viewed Spectre as unbeatable. […]