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The Cigar Valley

Pipes & Cigars was started up in Albany New York but moved to Bethlehem Pennsylvania a few years ago. I joined the company when they moved down here and have loved it ever since. You see, I grew up in Bethlehem. I went to school here and lived and worked here all my life. Bethlehem […]


Mysterious Tobaccos

Of all the strains of tobaccos, Orientals and Turkish are, to my tastes, the most exotic, and in a way, that makes them more fun to work with. Virginia, for example, will taste different depending upon the growing region, processing, etc., but it’s still fundamentally Virginia. But there are so many different strains of Orientals/Turkish, […]



I find humility to be a virtue. I don’t believe that anything is accomplished by brazenly tooting one’s own horn, and I try to live by that. I’ve known plenty of people in my life who aren’t humble in the slightest. Very rarely is this hubris justified, however, and I attribute that to overcompensating for […]

royal dutch

Fine Pipes by Gubbels

Today I’d like to talk about pipes. I not only love to smoke and collect them, but love the romance and the history .  I appreciate the tradition of it all, from the cultivation of tobacco and the use of clay pipes , the development of corn cobs, the long usage of meerschaum , to the […]

Some Observations on Cigars

I enjoy cigars and have for almost 40 years. But being in the business, and especially since my focus turned to blending pipe tobaccos, I’ve become more analytical about them and have noticed some things that have changed my perspective. With the trend moving toward larger ring gauges, there’s seems to be a common conception […]