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Like Fingernails on a Blackboard

Actually, someone scraping their nails across a blackboard doesn’t really bother me, but there are plenty of things that do. so I thought that I’d present some to you to see if you agree. One thing that drives me nuts is when I buy a cigar that hasn’t been properly stored. Our entire humidor (which […]



We have all heard about dedicating your pipes. Only smoking a certain tobacco in a certain pipe; be it by leaf or by blend type or by flavoring. I recently discovered that I have enough pipes in my collection to be able to dedicate by pretty much anything I want. I also recently discovered that […]


Packaging Quandaries

One of the toughest things in making new pipe tobacco blends is packaging, and I’m not just referring to artwork. Making decisions on how we’re going to present a product hinges on a number of factors. For Hearth & Home Marquee and my RO Series, we’ve gone with vacuum-sealed 50 gram tins. The reason is that […]


Taste -vs- Room Note: The Aromatic Battle

Why doesn’t my tobacco taste like it smells? This question has been asked and answered numerous times by people who have been smoking much longer than I have. Russ has touched on the topic a few times previously. While I enjoy smoking aromatics at times, I tend to prefer English tobaccos. Imparting flavor into a […]

bold kentucky

Pipe Tobacco Review – Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky

Now this review I’m excited about. I’ve been privy to a sample for the last two weeks and finally the day has arrived for its release. I’m talking about the new Mac Baren’s  HH Bold Kentucky.  Like it’s older brother, Old Dark Fired, but turned up a notch, or two. I’ve paired this wonderful flake […]